What Did Rip Suddenly Notice?

Why do kids love Rip?


Explanation: Rip is popular with the children of the village because he “helps at their sports, makes their playthings, teaches them to fly kites and shoot marbles, and tells them long stories of ghosts, witches, and Indians.” The children like to follow him around during his strolls in the village..

Who woke up after sleeping for 20 years?

In a two-part series that starts today, The Early Show national correspondent Tracy Smith tells the story of Sarah Scantlin, a woman who woke up from her coma-like state after 20 years. After two decades of floating somewhere between life and death, Sarah Scantlin is fully, and finally, awake.

What is the lesson of Rip Van Winkle?

The moral of Rip Van Winkle is that life goes on. It doesn’t wait for anyone. If, like Rip Van Winkle, a person decides to take a nap, life will pass…

What made rip fall into a deep sleep?

Rip sees a strange-looking man dressed in the ‘antique Dutch fashion,’ carrying a keg full of liquor. He goes deep into the forest with the strange man. … When the men begin their game again, Rip drinks some of the liquor himself. He falls into a deep sleep.

What shows that rip was a lazy man?

Explanation: Read Rip Van Winkle was a lazy man who lived in a small Dutch village. He liked to wander through town with his pet dog, Wolf, and tell ………..

What were the four differences that rip perceived?

What were the four differences that rip van winkle percieved in things around him from the ‘evening before’ to ‘this morning’? … The the four differences that Rip Van Winkle perceived in things around him from the ‘evening before’ to ‘this morning’ were: His dog, who was his constant companion, was no where to be found.

What did rip notice when he woke up?

When he wakes up, all of the strange figures have gone, including the man with the keg of liquor. Rip’s dog has also gone. The gun he’d taken with him up the mountain has gone, and a rusted gun is there next to him instead. As he walks home, Rip realises his beard has grown a foot long.

What had everything changed when Rip woke up?

How had everything changed when Rip woke up? Ans: When Rip woke up, he found himself alone and saw in place of the clean well-oiled gun, an old rusted one was lying next to him. Wolf also had disappeared. He found his beard had grown a foot long and he couldn’t recognize anyone in the village.

What was the only problem with RIP?

The only problem with Rip was that he was very lazy. He did no work on his own farm and just idled away his time. His fences were falling to pieces. His cow was going astray.

Was Rip lazy or hardworking?

Answer. (ii) He was very lazy. (iii) He liked to play with children. (iv) He was a good-natured fellow.

What was Rip Van Winkle biggest problem?

Rip Van Winkle’s biggest problem in the story is that he has a tendency to avoid work whenever possible.

How did Rip Van Winkle’s wife die?

His wife died from an aneurysm while screaming at a peddler. She had not changed any. Rip finds comfort in his wife’s death.

Who does Rip Van Winkle meet in the mountains?

Van Winkle also discovers that his wife died some time ago but is not saddened by the news. He learns that the men whom he met in the mountains are rumored to be the ghosts of Henry Hudson’s crew from his ship, the Halve Maen. He also realizes that he has been away from the village for at least 20 years.

What did Rip Van Winkle do when his wife scolded him?

Rip and his family were very poor because he hated hard work. What did Rip usually do when his wife scolded him? When Rip’s wife scolded him he would go to the village and wait there until his wife’s temper had cooled again. … He stayed out till sunset because he was waiting for his wife’s temper to cool down.

How many years did rip sleep?

(AP) _ Rip Van Winkle did not sleep the sleep of the enchanted, snoozing 20 years away in the haunted Catskill Mountains. The lovable rogue of Washington Irving’s story was a real man who abandoned his wife and children to become an 18th century barfly in New York City, claims literary detective Steven Press.

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