Who Is Uma’S Dad?

What is Ben’s name from descendants?

King Benjamin “Ben” FlorianKing Benjamin “Ben” Florian is a character who appears in the Disney films Descendants, Descendants 2, and Descendants 3, portrayed by Mitchell Hope.

He is the son of Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast..

Who are Uma’s parents?

UrsulaUma/ParentsUma (portrayed by China Anne McClain) is the daughter of Ursula (The Little Mermaid), and the leader of the pirates on the Isle. She and Mal are rivals. Mal’s nickname for Uma was “Shrimpy”.

Who is Carlos’s father?

Carlos Oscar De Vil is a tritagonist in Descendants and Descendants 2 and a major character in Descendants 3. He is the son of Cruella De Vil. He was first introduced in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel and appeared as the bully target of Jay and Mal.

Who is Uma’s daughter?

The trio looks ready to start some trouble as the children of famous Disney villains. Playfair, rocking an all-leather look with long locks and a dashing smile, is perfectly dressed to play Gaston’s son, Gil. McClain, in her blue-green ensemble and mermaid-like locks, clearly plays Ursula’s daughter, Uma.

Does Mal have a sister?

Mal’s Twin Sister *COMPLETED* Malia is the twin sister of Mal, as well as a Daughter of one out of numerous villains, Maleficent. She has a strong bond with her sister. Mal would risk her life for her sister if her life depended on it.

Are Mal and Audrey sisters?

Mal and Audrey is the frenemy ship between Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, and Audrey, the daughter of Aurora and Phillip. Their history is complicated, since Mal’s mother put Audrey’s mother into eternal sleep.

What is Uma’s real name?

China Anne McClainDescendants 2Uma/Played by

Who is Ursula’s husband?

Under the alias “Vanessa”, Ursula bewitches Eric to marry her.

Does Mal have a daughter?

Descendants: Ever After | Mal & Ben have a Daughter | | Fandom. After seven years of ruling Auradon, young daughter, Princess Bella, comes along for Queen Mal and King Ben. She’s sprightly and has inherited her purple hair and green eyes from her mother!

Is Mal a demigod?

Mal isn’t a demigod because then she would have power like Nico di angelo and Bianca Di Angelo. Mal is more like a goddess and a witch so lets stick with calling her a Immmortal Sorcceres.

Who is Carlos’s mom?

Cruella de VilCarlos/MotherIn Return to the Isle of the Lost, Carlos knows how to drive. In the same book, he says that while Maleficent can turn into a dragon, he considers his mother Cruella De Vil to actually being one.

Who will play Carlos in descendants 4?

Disney Channel has also confirmed: “The absence of the character Carlos, played by the late Cameron Boyce, will be acknowledged in the storyline and Boyce’s memory will be honored in the telecast.” Boyce, 20, died in July 2019, just one month before the final movie premiered.

Is Ariel’s daughter in descendants?

In this movie, Ariel and Prince Eric’s daughter, Melody, becomes a mermaid and battles with Ursula’s little sister, Morgana. As beautiful as this movie is, for some reason they decided not to include Melody in the Descendants franchise.

Why did Audrey become evil?

She had her boyfriend and her happy life and all this pressure from her family to become a royal princess — and then Mal steps in and takes it all away with a love spell. … So when Mal and Ben get engaged, it’s the last straw. She actually went to destroy the crown, then got beckoned by the scepter’s evil power.

Does Carlos have a twin brother?

While attending acting classes at the Theatre of Arts, he and his identical twin brother Efren Ramirez (now known for his role as Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite) were discovered for a TV series titled Hell Town staring Robert Blake. Seeking new challenges, Carlos went on to study dance at the Glendale Theatre.

Is Davy Jones Uma’s dad?

So in conclusion Davy Jones could not be Uma’s Dad because he and the rest of the Characters in Pirates of the Caribbean do not exist in Decendants. So all in all, Dr. Faliciter is father to Uma. That means she has 2 half-sisters.

Will there be a descendants 4?

Descendants 4 trailer There’s been no confirmed fourth film; in the meantime you can watch the previous trailer to get a feel for the franchise.

Why does Uma hate mal?

Uma is envious of Mal because she always beat Uma, and Uma just wants to win. Their bad blood is based on a gradual one-sided battle and years of jealousy. Basing it on a guy belittles Uma’s motives and makes her look petty.

Why does Audrey hate mal?

When Mal gave other girls makeovers, she was upset, not because she believed Mal was up to something but because she didn’t want anyone to rival her in appearance. She was immediately uncomfortable with the idea of VKs coming, often criticizing them in private and in front of them.

Why do Mal’s eyes turn green?

As the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, Mal inherited the following powers: Fairy Magic: Like her mother, Mal is able to manipulate fairy magic at her will, which usually manifests a green energy glowing in her eyes.

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