Why Is Legolas Such A Good Fighter?

Is Legolas stronger than Aragorn?

But if we’re talking about movie versions then Legolas stomps.

He clearly faster than Aragorn and more agile.

On top of that he’s also stronger, as evidence when he wrestled around Bolg..

Is Legolas the best archer in Middle Earth?

Legolas was the most renowned archer throughout the Third Age. Earlier in his journey with the Fellowship of the Ring, he used a bow from Mirkwood, and it was later replaced by the bow of the Galadhrim Lady Galadriel gave him.

Is Legolas a good character?

While Legolas is not the protagonist of The Lord of the Rings and in some ways is more of a minor character, he was definitely a fan favorite. … However, while Legolas is definitely an exciting character with many character strengths, there are some ways that he’s overrated by fans and others where he’s underrated.

Is Legolas a virgin?

Is Legolas a virgin? leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas answered: Technically, yes. Elves only have sex when they’re married as a way to consummate their marriage, and adultery is out of the question for them.

Who is Legolas best friend?

AragornAragorn and Legolas were clearly friends for life. Aragorn was an Elf-Friend his entire life, as were all of his line, who were under the protection of Elrond of Rivendell. Legolas’ friendship with Strider were thus a manifestation of the longtime alliance between their two peoples.

Who is better Legolas or Hawkeye?

Hawkeye might be slightly more accurate but Legolas is faster, more agile and a better fighter. Legolas was more impressive.

How did Legolas know Aragorn?

In the movie universe it seems like they meet some time between the Hobbit films and the Lord of the Rings films. They clearly know each other by the time the Council is held, as Legolas jumps to defend Aragorn from Boromir’s harsh words.

Why is Legolas the best character?

Book-Legolas is cool primarily because he’s an Elf, immortal and “fair of face beyond the measure of Men.” He’s a great archer, a good friend, and a competent warrior who can do things like hear the lament of stones, walk on top of snow, cross a rope bridge, and ride a strange horse bareback and bridleless.

Who is stronger Aragorn and Legolas?

Aragorn wins if he’s within 50 feet and legolas wins otherwise. Movie versions are a lot closer, as movie legolas was OP and nothing like books.

Why is Legolas so loyal to Aragorn?

Well legolas acts like that cause he knows aragorn is a badass and better than him. Also he knows that aragorn is the last descendant of the true king of gondor so he respects him for that too. Knowing that he is one of the last hopes for the kingdoms of men.

Is Legolas a royalty?

ANSWER: Yes, Legolas is an Elven prince, or a prince of Elves. … As the son of an Elven king (Thranduil, King of the Wood Elves of northern Mirkwood) Legolas was in fact a prince and a prince among Elves.

Who kills the most orcs in LOTR?

BoromoirBoromoir got the most kills in the first film but the others overtook after he died. This leaves the three main fighters.