Freaking out about Publishing

I had a total freak out moment yesterday! I all of a sudden got very terrified – not just about publishing my book, which is scary enough on its own – but about being a writer at all. I’ve heard about writers feeling like frauds, and for the first time, I really felt that!

My mom talked me down from the emotional ledge, thankfully. She reminded me of the big picture: of the fact that I am a good writer and am always trying to be better, and that it’s ok to not be an overnight success. “They say it takes three books,” she reminded me, “before you really get noticed.”

I sighed in relief – this is only my second novel, and already, I know it will do better than my first. This is a process! I’m taking actionable steps, and I know success is down the road – I just need to be patient about getting there.

“Wish I could turn back time

To the good old days

When the mama sang

Us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out!”

Have you been there? How did you get past the overwhelming terror?

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Stay Motivated when Writing…Write your WHOLE Novel in ONE NIGHT!


See Transcript Below:

This is how ALL authors write a great book:

They want to be a writer, always have, but they’ve never gotten their BIG BREAK. Suddenly, something dramatic happens in their lives, and it inspires the great story idea that’s always been just out of reach. In a moment of muse possession, they sit down and spit out the book…


Forget hard-work, discipline, or road-blocks – all you need is a desire, deep feelings, and a dramatic experience.

….aaand, the pin drops. So that’s not really what happens – EVER.

But even though we all know that, we still feel like it should happen that way. It’d be nice if our life happened in a montage. Wouldn’t it be lovely if meeting the love of your life coincided with creating something fantastic? Everything in life comes together in one fell swoop!

Shawn Coyne, on the storygrid podcast said, and I’m paraphrasing: “When you come up against the ending, you start to get overwhelmed. The closer to the end, the more you psyche yourself out.”

We all get that way. We have our moment when the great “beast,” as Shawn called it, threatens to completely devour our creative genius.

How do we fight this beast and overcome him?

The answer is to just do what you’ve done before… DO WHAT YOU SET OUT TO DO. You had a direction for this story from the beginning, even if you didn’t write out the outline, so write until the characters naturally reach that conclusion. Tell yourself the story, and write it only for yourself.

Just write. Don’t worry too much about the structure of the story – concentrate on getting the story out. Once it’s out, you can rewrite it. But it’s never going to get anywhere if you don’t just write.

Not to mention that, when we are in darkness, it is the worst time to start rethinking and doubting what we had in mind in the first place. It’s like a weaver who has laid out a pattern, but then the lights go out. He can feel the pattern, he knows how to keep going, and it’ll turn out just fine in the end. But in that moment, he instead decides to blindly rethread the pattern. When the lights come on, it’s going to be a terrible product!

Why are you doing this to yourself? Stop!

Remind yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS and keep on going. Don’t let your doubts have a voice in your head. Shawn says, “Go back to the source material that inspired you to begin in the first place.” Plow through, and stop telling yourself you’re not good enough – BECAUSE YOU ARE.

YOU’VE GOTTEN THIS FAR, and you can see this race through to the end. Slay your beasts. It won’t be overnight, but as Shawn says, “you’ve got a sword, and you’re going to cut your way out of the stomach, and you’re going to cut that beast into little pieces, until you’ve solved your story.”

Go tell yourself the end of the story.