Want to read more great books but feel like every classic is a million pages long? Good news: there are plenty of great books that aren’t so daunting, plenty of books that are easier to read but have still earned their ranks among the greatest books of all time.

You can immerse yourself in easier to read classics that question life, explore beauty, and seek to experience the rich and abundant world around us!

Written with an adult audience in mind rather than children, 4-Star books are books with simpler vocabulary and sentence structure, and less descriptions and wandering tangents. They are some of the best written books of all time and yet, they are far easier to tackle than the ‘leviathans’ of long classics.

Here is a comprehensive goodreads list of 4-Star Books for you to peruse. I will be writing summaries of 4-Star books soon, and posting them here, but in the meantime, please enjoy this list!

4-Star Books List