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What People Are Saying…

“I’m greatly enjoying your book. The way you manage to portray key ideas in layers so that different levels of understanding grant greater rewards is truly a talent.” – Blaise

“I love the characters the most. I love their relationships!” – Rebecca

“Trinian is an excellent read. I have a hard time putting it down!” – Jenny

“I usually like supporting characters better, but in Trinian I have been drawn more to the main characters.” – Margaret

At Last! A Release Date!

A soldier discovers he is king, but a power-hungry god wants to kill him and take his birthright…

After months of polishing the manuscript, researching the best self-publishing venues, and just generally dragging my feet, I have finally bitten the bullet and set a release date! My second fantasy novel, acclaimed as an ‘excellent read’ with ‘different levels of understanding,’ is finally going to be published!

This will be my first book published as a hard copy, and I am so excited to be able to actually hold a book I’ve written! There’s magic in that.

Trinian will be officially released on Thursday, July 11th, 2019!

I will be throwing a launch party, both in person and online! (dates to be announced) At both, there will be drawings for a free, signed copy, discount deals, and book merchandise! I will read an excerpt aloud, and we will play some games with prizes!

I will be running an Instagram promotion, and will post soon about how you can participate in that.

So excited for this journey to begin! For now, you can read the prologue and first couple chapters!

Stay tuned to this Page for further updates!

About the Author

Elizabeth Russell is an author of fantasy, sci-fi, and myth, which she tells through long epic tales and short fairy tales. She is the author of the beloved fantasy novel Halfbreeds, runs the alumni magazine for Northeast Catholic College, and writes for a local community magazine. She loves to read aloud with her siblings, watch tv shows, and read the literary classics. In her spare time, she runs the Fairy Tale Blog where she helps readers to approach, understand, and enjoy the classics. She lives in Illinois with her lovely family.